Autodesk Infraworks



About the project

Autodesk was building a new desktop product called Infraworks, a tool for civil engineers to model and plan city infrastructure.

My role

I worked closely with the Autodesk UX team (guided with feedback from their beta user test group) to create an engaging and usable UI. I created the visual designs and rules around the UI elements.

Problem and goals

My challenge was to keep the specific needs of the engineers in mind, and to distill their complex workflow into something as simple as possible. Understanding the complex user journeys of the engineers was one of the main challenges.

Clear navigation and organization of projects

We started out with an existing product that needed a clearer layout and an updated visual style. The thumbnails were small and hard to see, and some of the actions were hidden

Original dashboard

Original dashboard

We decided to make the homepage icon larger for easier navigation, and we worked on uniting the visual style with similar looking controls. The page was divided into three columns, one for an activity feed, one for the project/model cards, and one on the right to access additional city building tools. This dashboard would allow the engineers a first look into their projects that was more organized.

Main dashboard redesigned

Main dashboard redesigned

Keep the canvas visible to allow the user to concentrate on the model

We used collapsible panels and direct on-canvas tools to reduce obstruction of the model. Below, the tools panel on the right stays fixed in its position, and the user can drag panels on and off as they need them.

Rethink traditional software visual styles

Using modern fonts, colors, and UI patterns, I updated the traditional look and feel. I also documented design and interaction patterns for the Infraworks UX and development teams.