My interest in user experience design started in college, during my cognitive science program. I learned about how people learn, think, and organize their mental models. After I graduated, I decided that the practical application of that knowledge was user experience design. I’m a self-taught designer, and learned by finding opportunities to design wherever I could.

Currently, I’m a designer at 23andMe, a direct to consumer genetics testing company. We have unique challenges to solve: how to explain genetics to people of varied educational backgrounds and how to give them information about their health and ancestry, all while meeting various regulatory standards.

I work on the Research, ancestry tools, and general site experience parts of our product, from ideation to user research to final visual design handover. Our product spans desktop, mobile web, and mobile app (iOS and Android).

I enjoy the challenge of taking complicated concepts and making them accessible to everyone. I look for work that addresses real people’s problems and empowers them to make their own decisions.

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